It was a case of lights, camera and action for the Year 6’s very last performance at Hucklow Primary School. The children superbly pulled together to perform a musical piece on the life of Charles Darwin, Darwin Rocks.

With catchy tunes and strong singing performances by the cast the whole show was enjoyed by the audience. Superb solo performances and witty delivery of lines made sure this performance was one of the best year 6 performances that we have ever witnessed at Hucklow.

The two lead characters shared the stage brilliantly and were supported incredibly well by the rest of the cast.

Mrs Bywater, Deputy Headteacher, said of the performance ‘The children have worked incredibly hard to put together such a strong performance not just the acting team but also the team that supported behind the scenes with props and ensuring that the scenes ran so smoothly. A special mention should also go to the Year 6 team for their hard work and dedication to ensure that the performance went so smoothly.’

Many parents came to watch with many positive comments to take away for the cast and staff. One parent said ‘That was the best Year 6 performance I have seen. The songs were brilliant and the effort of the cast and staff was incredible. I loved it!’