Welcome to Year 6 – Y6AW


Hello Fabulous Year 6,


We hope you are all safe and well and looking after yourselves and your families? We know that you will be helping your families as the funny, confident, kind and resilient children that you are.  It seems strange that we have spent so long apart – some of us have worked with you from starting your time with us at Hucklow in Foundation right through to Year 6. We are missing you all lots and hope that we get to see each other again real soon. We have loved looking at the work you have been sending to our year group email – yearsix@hucklow.sheffield.sch.uk – and have taken pride in uploading ALL of your learning to the school website on our Celebrating Success at Hucklow page. Mr Dinnigan has been doing lots of work on the website, including uploading your weekly lesson packs, we are always on the end of the email mentioned above and we will always respond as quickly as we possibly can – send us an email with pictures of your work, hobbies you have taken up during this time, pictures of your art work or just email us for a general chat to let us know how you are. The Year 6 team are in touch with each other every day, we even had our first ever Zoom meeting on Thursday and there was lots of laughter and lots of chatter about how much we are missing you all. You have all made us incredibly proud to be your teachers this year and we wish that we will see you all again very soon. In the meantime if you need anything please, please, please email us on the Year 6 email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. As the oldest children in school we are incredibly proud of the way you have handled the situation, especially in your last ever primary school year. It wasn’t the way we expected the year to come to a halt but this experience will make you all stronger and it will be something you will be able to tell your children and grandchildren in 50 years’ time. Keep going, stay positive, keep yourselves safe and most of all be kind (af lacho!) You are a fantastic year group and have made us all feel so proud already, we will be together again soon, just remember you’ve got this!!

For those of you that are celebrating Ramadan at the moment, Ramadan Mubarak. We hope you are managing to rest and are doing the best you can in this difficult time.

We wish you all the best and hope to see you all soon.  

Team Year 6

Celebrating Success at Hucklow

Well done Hafsa for completing some fantatsic theme park maths learning. You have done incredibly well.

Essan has worked hard on his theme park project. He has created a great looking theme park.

Sumiah has been working hard on her Year 6 learning project. Well done Sumiah, the year 6 team are very proud of you!


Essan has created his own superhero. He is an amazing character Essan. Well done!

Hanin has written where in the world she would like to go as part of the whole school writing competition. Well done on a great short piece of writing Hanin.

Tehillah has produced some amzing, powerful poetry. Well done Tehillah you brought a few tears from Miss Biggs and Mr Dinnigan with the powerful messages.

Tehillah Poems

Lucy has been working hard from home and has sent us this message:

I have been doing a science experiment on how long it takes to melt an ice cube. I picked 6 ways to do it.
1, Hot Water= 1m 20s. 2, Cold Water=5m 1s. 3,Hair Dryer= 2m 17s. 4, In The Sun=33m 57s. 5,In The Shade=1h 37m 4s. 6, With A Flame=11m 31s.
My results show Hot Water was the fastest way taking just over a minute and in the shade was the slowest way taking over an hour to melt. I have put in some pictures to show how I did it. 
I have put in a picture of the school logo me and Jack made with card board, glue and kitchen towels. We then painted it.
Falak has produced some fantastic work on her Simpsons based theme park. Mr Dinnigan would be first in the queue for a Simpsons theme, Falak! Well done for producing an amazing theme park. 
Ayah has tried her hand at talking about her superhero and her writing competition entry. Well done Ayah!
Ibrahim and his brother have been working hard on their teamwork skills and using their mum’s makeup as makeshift art supplies created this to celebrate Ramadan.
Zahra has created abeautiful poster showing her support for the NHS. Well done Zahra, the year 6 team is proud of you!
Sa-I-Rah has written a brilliant piece of writing on where she would go on an adventure. Well done Sa-I-Rah!
Tehillah has created some beautiful art work. We are really impressed Tehillah. Well done!
Ibrahim S has designed a brilliant theme park. We especially love his menu! Well done Ibrahim!
Ibrahim B has been using his video skills to make a little video clip for Miss Biggs and Mr Dinnigan. They love it! Well done Ibahim!


Zahra has created her brilliant NHS artwork. Well done Zahra! The Year 6 team are very proud of you!

Brody and Lewis have been working hard on their designing skills – even using physical exercise to create one piece. Well done boys! Great teamwork!



Hafsa and her older sister have been getting creative in the klitchen with some yummy looking Victoria Sponges! Well done Hafsa!

Ibrahim B has been getting creative with his amea and making some amazing images. Well done Ibrahim!

Kasim and Ibrahim have been making an obstacle course from Mrs Cafrello’s 30 day May challenge. Well done boys!

Ibrahim has also created a drawing of his obstacle course. Well done Ibrahim!

Baking competition? Essan is rising to the challenge! Well done Essan, they look yummy!

Essan has added to his baking reputation with some fabulous looking flapjack! Well done Essan!

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