Welcome to Year 6 – Y6SH

Our staff for 2018/19:

Y6SH – Mrs J Murphy

Mrs Conley (Monday – Thursday) and Miss Evans

This term, we continue to benefit from a third teacher in Y6. This enables us to split into booster groups for reading, literacy and maths four ways every morning to better target the children’s individual needs. We are also running even smaller targeted booster groups in afternoons for reading and maths to enable children to reach their full potential in these subjects. These are helping boost the children’s confidence, knowledge and skills, enabling them to accelerate progress in areas they find trickier.

Linked to our core value focus on ‘self-belief’, in our reading we are looking at inspirational texts which really showcase how others have developed self-belief. In non-fiction, we have studied the Paralympics and examined how many have drawn strength to overcome and celebrate their disabilities with pride. In fiction, we have read stories in which others have experienced difficult times, looked at how they have overcome them and considered how others have supported in that process. Children have shown real empathy and understanding for different characters’ perspectives and are improving in their ability to explain these in more depth, linked to the texts they are reading.

In literacy, we have focused on a book called ‘The Island’, which explores wider social themes of refugees, social politics and human rights in a powerful way. The children have had to examine the different points of view on the themes, developing empathy in order to better stimulate the depth of language they, in turn, will use in their own writing.

In maths, we are continue to focus on the key skills in number work, which form approximately 70% of what the children will be tested on in SATS. We are revising and extending the skills with fractions, decimal and percentages this term. The children are showing good progress in the development of their arithmetic skills, as well as deepening their learning to apply their skills to a wide variety of problem solving and reasoning challenges that link to other areas of the maths curriculum.

The Revision books were ordered and have now arrived in class. Many children have bought these and are using them on a daily basis both in school and at home. Thank you for choosing to support your child with their learning, using these very useful guides. We hope they also help you to have a clearer understanding of what they are expected to be able to do by the end of their primary education, in preparation for their next phase at secondary school. Children report that they are enjoying using them and are finding them extremely helpful. There are plenty left if you still wish to purchase them – just approach one of the staff team!

Other ways you can support:

  • Ensure they read every day using a book of their choice, a library book, a school book or their accelerated reader book from school. Please sign for this in their reading diary and return daily to school
  • Practise spellings every day. These are sent home every week and tested on a Monday. Talk about the spelling rules/ patterns and any exceptions to the rules
  • Practise times tables daily, especially the ones they find trickier! These are extremely helpful in almost all areas of maths, so speedy recall will really help your child to make great progress and build their confidence.

Our next class visit has been booked for Wednesday 27th February – you should already have received a letter home about this. Linked to our science-based topic, we will enjoy a hands-on, interactive and high quality experience in one of our city’s own museums, Weston Park Museum. We will also have the opportunity to interview the museum staff about how they plan, organise and run a successful museum, in order to learn from them to run our own interactive museum at school at the end of our topic. We hope you’ll be able to come in and experience it for yourselves!

Social time is every Monday afternoon. The aim of this is to help children become more kind and thoughtful towards each other, so they can support each other to be the best they can be. We are aiming to nurture a great team spirit; this will continue throughout the term to strengthen our core values.

Photographs from our visit to Weston Park Museum


Year 6 3rd Group – Mr Russell

In literacy, like the main class, we have focused on a book called ‘The Island’. This story explores wider social themes of refugees, social politics and human rights in a powerful way. The children have been practising their speaking and listening skills to develop their points of view. They have been supported by a bank of different sentence starters, as well as coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.

In mathematics, we are continuing to focus on the key skills in number work, as is the case in the main classes. We are revising and extending the skills with our measuring topic this term. The children are showing good progress in converting millimetres into centimetres, centimetres into metres and vice versa. Practical learning has involved measuring different objects using tape measures and metre sticks. Children have been able to use charts to record and compare their results using comparative language. Bead strings have developed their counting skills to do with the metric system. To further develop their understanding of length, children will continue their passion for practical maths by finding the perimeter of 2d shapes and different shapes in the school environment.

In guided reading, we have been reading a range of fiction that explores messages in stories. Links are able to be made with our school’s core values. Once a story has been completed we have encouraged empathy with the main characters through different follow-up tasks.


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