Welcome to Year 6 – Y6JB


Y6JB – Miss J Biggs (Assistant Head, Y6 Leader and class teacher)

              Miss Macdonald (Teaching Assistant)

              Mr Dinnigan (HLTA support for boosting in mornings)

A very positive start to our year in Y6JB, with the children developing a determined attitude to make the very best of every opportunity and learning experience in their final year at primary school. As we are sure you are aware, year 6 is an extremely important year for all the children, with the SATs tests in May and with preparation for secondary school. All learning that we do in year 6, right from the beginning of September, is aimed at helping your child to achieve their full potential. One of the ways that we support the children in year 6 is by having the additional skilled support of Mr Dinnigan for reading, writing and maths in the mornings to help boost children to accelerate their progress. Both literacy groups and maths groups are already working well across the year group; the children being set is clearly having a great impact on the standard of work that they are able to produce.

In literacy, the children have begun a writing project based on the idea of how to eradicate the extinction of animals on our planet. We are researching the animals facing extinction and the causes of this, considering different ways in which this is being tackled by different people and what we could do to make a difference. Following this, we will be writing persuasive letters, which will be the first piece that will go towards our end-of-year writing portfolios.

In maths, we are focusing on the key skills in number work, which form approximately 70% of what the children will be tested on in SATS. We are revising and extending the skills of place value and rounding, before moving onto the four operations (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication) then fractions this term. The children are enjoying working in their maths groups and are keen to develop their arithmetic skills, as well as deepen their learning in applying their skills to a wide variety of problem solving and reasoning challenges.

New reading journals and homework books have been sent home with all year 6 children. It is important that each child aims to read each night, whether this be independently, to an adult or to an older sibling. The journals are checked by an adult in class on a daily basis to ensure that this is taking place. It would help us a great deal if you could ensure that your child completes their reading and homework and returns it to school by the expected day.

Our first school visit of the year has been booked. We will be taking the children to visit the York Dungeons on this term, tying in perfectly with our question, ‘Are Laws Necessary?’ The children are already looking forward to this exciting opportunity, where they will be immersed into drama enactments of crimes and punishments that took place throughout history. We will then bring these fantastic experiences back into the learning in the classroom. Educational visits are central to an engaging curriculum and encourage children’s enthusiasm and passion for learning; please try to ensure that your child takes part in each visit that is organised throughout the school year.

We hope that your child enjoys their time in year 6. If there is ever a time that you have any questions or any concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting one of the year 6 team.

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