On Thursday and Friday the Year 6 pupils had took part in 2 electrifying science days organised by the Year 6 staff. The pupils learnt how to recognise electrical symbols, draw the symbols, build circuits and test their electricity theories on a couple of electric-tastic investigations.

The children also learnt about Volts and voltage. The children had to build a circuit with cells of varying amounts of voltages to see what happened to the bulb within that circuit. The children quickly realised that the more volts the brighter the bulb lit, however they also learnt that sometimes if the voltage is too high then it could result in the bulb burning out. Brody, Y6 pupil said ‘The bulb in the 6 volt circuit lit up really brightly and then went pop. The filament inside the bulb had snapped. Mr Dinnigan came round and showed us all the snapped filament.’

‘We have learnt so much about how electricity works and how a circuit is made. I LOVE science.’ Silan, Y6 pupil.

Miss Biggs, Assistant Headteacher and Year 6 class teacher said ‘The love of the subject came across from both the pupils and staff. The enthusiasm of all involved helped the days run smoothly and the impact on learning has been very positive. We definitely have some budding scientists in our midst.’