Welcome to Year 3 – Y3CH

Our staff for 2018/19:

Mrs Harrison with Teaching Assistant Miss Commons

In Year 3, the curriculum is engaging, fun and creative. Each term, we focus on a core topic that links to all other curriculum areas. This term our topic question is ‘Does it matter what we wear?. This will allow the children to immerse themselves into the curriculum and bring back a real life experience into the classroom by designing and making an item of clothing for a fashion showcase!

The English curriculum covers a range of texts and genres, from diary entries to letter writing. Phonics is taught as part of interventions if children require further support. Each day the children strive to become more independent and imaginative writers. Reading also takes place daily, with Guided Reading, which focuses on core content domains. The book we will be focusing on this half term is ‘The Iron Man’ which we will be specifically focusing on inference questions.

Our Year 3 Maths curriculum covers a range of concepts, including multiplication and division. The curriculum enables the children to be fluent in the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) as well as solve problems.

Overall in Year 3, the children aspire to show care, independence, teamwork and most of all aim to try their best.


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