Welcome to Year 2 – Y2LN


During this term, we will be learning about important people’s achievements throughout history and exploring the question “What does it mean to achieve?” Through our writing, art and historic enquiries, the children are already off to a stellar start by researching Florence Nightingale and Neil Armstrong.

Find out more by looking at our learning journey.


By the end of the topic, we hope to be able to think of what our own greatest achievement could be and hopefully will have raised money for a very important charity!


In maths, we will be focusing on the place value of numbers. We will then be moving onto using this to help us with our addition and subtraction learning. The children are enjoying working in their maths groups and are keen to develop their arithmetic skills, we have been using different apparatus to help us understand the place value of each number and are beginning to be able to represent numbers in different ways.


In literacy, we are working on our own information booklet on the different achievements of Florence Nightingale and Neil Armstrong. We have been using our research skills to find our own facts and are eagerly putting them into our own reports.


In regards to our timetable, we have PE on Friday afternoons so please remember to bring your PE kit. We have shared the timetable with parents and children, so any queries please get in touch.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything, please do not hesitate to see me before or after school. If this is not possible you can also ring the school office.


Important Information

Friday – P.E Kit needs to be in school.

Friday – Homework and spellings will be sent home. Spelling test will also take place on this day.


Celebrating Success at Hucklow

Some yummy looking baking from Kevin and Ibrahim. They look yummy boys!

Simrah has been working incredibly hard on her amazing writing. She has made the Year 2 staff incredibly proud. Well done Simrah!

Ibrahim has been showing off his baking skills. They look incredibly yummy. Well done Ibrahim.

Qasim has been working hard on his maths and his science whilst away from school. Well done Qasim!

Miss Derbyshire has sent some photographs of some of her classes home learning. Well done Year 2!

Here is some fantastic work that Dawud has been working on. He is continuing to work hard each day in his literacy, maths and his creative tasks. He has even been making some delicious food. Well Done Dawud!


Here you can see Ayaan’s fantastic sketching skills. She has tried Mrs Bywater’s challenge and sketched her Mum and Dad. Well Done Ayaan.

Here is Ayath’s rainbow experiment. She has written a set of instructions for you all to follow at home. Thank you Ayath.


Here Safi has designed his own egg, this is very creative Safi well done! Safi has also carried on to challenge himself in Mathematics, this is his favourite subject. Well Done!

Nagla has been very creative, she has made a leaf garden. She has also been working on her cooking skills and made some delicious pizzas. Super Nagla!

Some children in Miss Newbold’s class have been working incredibly hard. Miss Newbold and Miss Norton are very impressed with your learning. Well done guys!

Ibrahim M

Rithika story 1 Rithika story 2

Marilyn  Marilyn N

Deonna story

Qasim has created a motorbike for Miss Newbold and Miss Norton to get to school quicker so that they can see him and his brilliant classmates.

Kashan has been showing us his amazing learning. Keep it up Kashan!

It has been another successful week in Y2MD. I have received lots of fantastic work on my email, this meant I was able to celebrate your success and achievements with you!

Safi has continued to work hard all week. He is especially enjoying completing his Math’s learning as this is his favourite subject. Keep it up Safi!


Abubaker has continued to get very creative. He has used his craft skills to make some amazing pieces of art. He has also developed him cooking skills. It looks like you are having so much fun Abubaker!


Ayath has continued to complete lots of interesting activites. She has being using BBCbitesize and twinkl to develop her science learning. Ayath has also research famous buildings on her laptop and then recreated these using play foam. Some of these buildings include ‘Big Ben’, ‘Tower bridge’ and a strawberry house in Brazil. Well Done Ayath!


Nagla has also gone above and beyond in her work. She is continuing to complete her work to a high standard. Here are some images of some of her fantastic work. Well Done!


Jannat continues to work hard. Here are some imagines of her tea parties. She has being using play dough to make the food for her tea party. Keep up the good work!


Maryam has read lots of books whilst she has being off. She can’t wait to be back at school and has wrote a lovely message to share with all of Team Hucklow. Thank you Maryam!


Dawud has being playing with his lego and building lots of interesting things. He was so excited to share this with you all. How creative!

He has also being developing his drawing skills and has drawn lots of characters to share with you all. Well Done Dawud!


Kashan has been working hard on his writing, Marilyn has tried hard with her jokes and art work and Qasim made us chuckle with his bunny joke! Well done Year 2!

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