Welcome to Year 1 – Y1BB


Celebrating Success at Hucklow

Serhad, Aiza and Kiran have all been busy showing off their amazing year 1 learning. Well done guys!

Riley has produced some incredible art work. Well done Riley!

Furayah, Rania and Kiran have added to their learning over the Easter holidays. Well done girls some super learning!

Rania showing off her amazing learning. You are doing incredibly well.

Muahmmad has been showing his fantastic home learning whilst away from the classroom. Well done Muhammad.

Aiza has been showing off some great learning at home. Those chocolate buns look yummy!!! Well done Aiza!

Kayaan has been working hard with his learning at home. Well done Kayaan!

Zakariyah has shown some great home learning. Well done Zakariyah!!

Furayah has been showing off her amazing writing skills. Well done Furayah!

Ali has been working hard at home on his maths learning. Well done Ali!


Ronai has been working hard at home on his 2x table and exploring his local area. Well done Ronai!


Ryan has been working hard on his phonics learning! Well done Ryan!

Rania has been working hard on her Year 1 learning. Well done Rania!

Ibrahim has been working hard on his year 1 learning. Well done Ibrahim!

Amina has been improving her writing skills. She has written some brilliant sentences. Well done!

Furayah has been working hard on herYear 1 learning whilst at home. Well done!

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