Team work, care and resilience were all in play as the Year 6 children went on a very sunny residential visit to Thornbridge Outdoors in Derbyshire.

The children overcame many fears including a fear of heights to make their way around the Sky Ropes and being able to climb up the cargo net. Using their team work skills and words of encouragement for the children who found it challenging everyone managed to get up and have a go on the Sky Ropes with some pupils managing to do it blindfolded and carrying a bucket of cold water.

Not only did some of the children have to face a fear of heights but some had to contend with the issue of small spaces when they went under ground as part of the Thornbridge Challenge.

Miss Biggs, Year 6 class teacher said ‘I am Incredibly proud of all the children for their commitment to the challenges that they faced. Every single child attempted everything and no one gave less than 100%.’

As well as the Sky Ropes, Cargo Net and Thornbridge Challenge, the children also walked to Monsal Head, took part in a night-line challenge were they were blindfolded and had to walk around a course in the woods and the Low Ropes. An activity that is similar to the Sky Ropes but on the ground.

The biggest challenge faced by the children was learning how to make their own beds and doing the washing up after meal times.