Welcome to Nursery

Welcome to the Hucklow Nursery

Located offsite at:

441 Firth Park Road
Firth Park
South Yorkshire

S5 6HH

So far our Nursery children have made an excellent start settling in at Hucklow, every child has had a change be that a new classroom, new session times, new key worker or being totally new to the setting. Changes can be challenging and scary, however they have all been amazing and we are very proud if the start they have made.  

Our session times

Due to Covid 19 and the need for social distancing at key transition times the Nursery timings have changed times – sessions are as follows


Tigers- 8.30-11.30

Pandas- 8.40-11.40

Zebras- 8.50-11.50



Tigers- 12.10-3.10

Pandas- 12.20-3.20

Zebras- 12.30-3.30


Children are met at the entrance by members of staff and taken down to their classrooms, at the end of the session children will be brought to you at the main entrance when you arrive. Please ensure you remain 2M apart from other families when bringing and collecting your child.


What we do in Nursery

When we arrive in Nursery we have some time choosing play based learning with our adults, we can also choose some breakfast or snack at this time. Then we have circle time where we explore a new idea, item or theme- this is a time where we share ideas in a bigger group, are introduced to new words, a new story or some new learning that will be in our classrooms or outdoor areas.

After this we have free-flow time- where we can choose to do play based learning inside or outside. We like to go outside in most weather so it is important we bring raincoats, warm clothes for winter time, and our wellies if we have them! Children in Nursery explore and learn using all their senses and bodies- so we will get mucky, dirty and wet, so please send us with a spare set of clothes.

Our adults teach us through our play. They will work and play with us, helping us solve problems, teaching us new ideas and encouraging us to ask questions, explore and discover new things, learning new words and talking about ideas. They will help us take turns, share and to learn to keep trying when things get tough, or to have a go when something seems a bit new or scary. We will also be encouraged to do things independently. All this will help us get ready for big school.

We all help to tidy away, before we have snack time, a story and some singing. Then after all this fun, it is time to come home.


Our Topic

In Nursery we follow a seasonal curriculum, with a big focus on the world around us and experiences that are relevant to our children.

This term we are exploring where we belong- within this topic we will talk about all belonging to Nursery and our classes, our families and how these are the same or different and our likes and dislikes. We will also be finding out about our new Nursery environments, explore the natural world in our outside areas and the experience the changes that happen as we move from summer into autumn and then winter. We also look at different seasonal events including Harvests and some seasonal foods, Bonfire Night, Diwali and Christmas (please note we discuss these from the children’s own experiences so they can learn about each other’s cultures and do not at this age teach religious aspects of any festival.)


Sharing news and asking questions 

We are really aware how difficult it can be not seeing your child’s key worker daily and not being able to come into the Nursery building at the current time. Where ever possible if you wish to speak with a member of staff please phone the Nursery office – 0114 2039191 if there is no answer please leave an answerphone message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please also be aware that at beginning and end of sessions staff will be on the door and unable to answer the phone.

You can also contact us via email-

This is also a lovely way to share any news or photos of things your child has been doing at home.

Latest Class News

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