Welcome to Nursery

Welcome to the Hucklow Nursery

Located offsite at:

441 Firth Park Road
Firth Park
South Yorkshire

S5 6HH

Our Staff for 2018/19 are:

Mrs Hanson (Assistant Headteacher for Early Years)

Mrs Bibi

Teaching Assistants:

Miss Shazadi, Mrs Warris, Miss Fairburn, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Siddons

Zebra Class:

In Zebra’s we have settled in well, welcomed some new friends and been working very hard getting used to new routines.  We have been learning all about different foods and cooking. We have been learning the names for different kitchen items and using them to make and explore food. We talked about our favourite foods and the things we like to eat at home. We made a drum kit from old pots and pans and enjoyed making lots of noise. We have been thinking about Chinese new year, having a go with chop sticks and making our very own lanterns.

Don’t forget Parents and Carers are invited to join us for our Library Sessions every Wednesday, where you can borrow books and enjoy stories with your child.

Our Nursery children have once again impressed staff, settling in quickly after the Christmas break. We have been excited to find that beanstalks have shot up all over the nursery and we have had letters arrive from what appears to be a very kind and friendly giant. We have been writing letters back and helping him to find his gold coins.

Our topics this Spring term will be Traditional Tales and People who help us. We will be learning about different tales including Jack and the Beanstalk, The Runaway Chapatti and The Swirling Hijab. We will be cooking our own Chapatti’s and exploring different jungle animals.  We will also be meeting some real life people who help us and thinking about who helps us at home and in Nursery. We will be practicing taking turns and sharing and counting and recognising even bigger numbers to 10 and maybe even 20.  We will be learning to fasten our coats and put on our own hats, scarfs and gloves. We will be working on our big and small scale movements (climbing, jumping, balancing, threading, cutting, using small tools) because this will help our brains develop and help us learn as well as we can when we start big school.

We are also looking forward to inviting our parents and carers in to join us for story, singing and library sessions. Please see your child’s key worker for times and dates.

Eleanor has been doing some fantastic maths sorting learning at home, Hussain is enjoying his book at home and Armstrong has done some great building at home.  We love the bright rainbow colours of your tower.


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