Kids Zone

Kids Zone

At our school we intend to see your child’s time here is full of enjoyable, worthwhile and exciting educational experiences.

The aims of our school are clearly laid out in the school prospectus. They were drawn up by staff and school governors and encapsulate what we believe to be the fundamental cornerstones of excellent practice in primary education.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic at the moment we are using the Kids Zone page to publish learning and projects from other areas of our curriculum.

A special message from all the staff at Hucklow

We are missing you lots and lots and are incredibly proud of everything you are achieving whilst you are away from school. We hope you enjoy our video!



Education City

Due to changes in the structure our subscription to Education City has now ended. 

Emotional Well-being Resources

Emotional Wellbeing


Classroom Secrets Packs

Foundation Stage

EYFS-Home-Learning-Pack (2)

EYFS-Week 1-Home-Learning-Pack

EYFS-Week-2-Home-Learning-Pack (1)

EYFS-Week 3-Home-Learning-Pack

EYFS-Week-4-Home-Learning-Pack (1)


EYFS-Week-6-Home-Learning-Pack (1)



Year One


Year-1-Week-1-Home-Learning-Pack (1)

Year-1-Week-2-Home-Learning-Pack (1)

Year-1-Week-3-Home-Learning-Pack (1)

Year-1-Week-4-Home-Learning-Pack (1)


Year-1-Week-6-Home-Learning-Pack (1)


Year Two


Year-2-Week-1-Home-Learning-Pack (1)

Year-2-Week-2-Home-Learning-Pack (1)

Year-2-Week-3-Home-Learning-Pack (1)

Year-2-Week-4-Home-Learning-Pack (1)


Year-2-Week-6-Home-Learning-Pack (1)


Year Three


Year-3-Week-1-Home-Learning-Pack (1)

Year-3-Week-2-Home-Learning-Pack (1)

Year-3-Week-3-Home-Learning-Pack (1)

Year-3-Week-4-Home-Learning-Pack (1)


Year-3-Week-6-Home-Learning-Pack (1)


Year Four


Year-4-Week-1-Home-Learning-Pack (1)

Year-4-Week-2-Home-Learning-Pack (1)

Year-4-Week-3-Home-Learning-Pack (2)

Year-4-Week-4-Home-Learning-Pack (1)


Year-4-Week-6-Home-Learning-Pack (1)


Year Five


Year-5-Week-1-Home-Learning-Pack (1)

Year-5-Week-2-Home-Learning-Pack (1)

Year-5-Week-3-Home-Learning-Pack (1)

Year-5-Week-4-Home-Learning-Pack (1)


Year-5-Week-6-Home-Learning-Pack (1)


Year Six


Year-6-Week-1-Home-Learning-Pack (1)

Year-6-Week-2-Home-Learning-Pack (1)

Year-6-Week-3-Home-learning-Pack (1)

Year-6-Week-4-Home-Learning-Pack (2)


Year-6-Week-6-Home-learning-Pack (1)


Other actvities

Daily Lesson Schedule BBC Lessons

– Helpful hints – BBC bitesize website


Writing Competition



Fun stuff

How well do you know Roald Dahl’s book Matlida?

Here is a quiz to test your knowledge!


Useful Websites

– Helpful hints – Oak national academy website (1)

Top websites for children

Extra Maths Learning

Welcome to the White Rose Summer Term Plans!

As you may know, we’ve been working closely with the BBC Bitesize Daily Maths team to make a clear learning plan for the summer term. We all agree that it’s vital for children to be as well-prepared as possible for their next school year. To help make this happen, we’ve set out a 12-week learning plan that means children can:

  • make sure they understand the main concepts they need for their work next year
  •  cover any new learning that they have not yet done in school.


12-week plan

The plan below shows the work that children will cover, week by week.

We have already published two weeks of White Rose Maths summer term learning on our Home Learning web page. Some of this differs a little from the BBC Bitesize plan – but only for the first two weeks. From Week 3 onwards, our plans run in line with each other.
This means that every day, there’s a learning video on our web page to watch and a link to that day’s BBC Bitesize page for more information and even more lesson content.
Although Early Years it not mentioned on the plan, the free activities will continue as they have been for the full duration.
Masses of FREE materials from White Rose Maths!
White Rose Maths has always loved producing high quality learning materials that are available free of charge to everyone. We’re thrilled to see how widely our materials are used.
Don’t forget that you can use any of our free resources, any time you like. By the end of the summer we’ll have released:
  •  two weeks of fun Easter activities
  • almost 500 home learning videos (with questions to try) for Year 1 – Year 10
  • over 150 premium worksheets and answers
  • A set of weekly Family Challenge questions
  • 70 early years activities based on stories
  • … and there will be more free stuff, so watch this space!





the-mystery-of-the-pirate-captain-maths-mystery y3-y4

the-mystery-of-the-spoiled-party-bags-maths-mystery y3-y4


Extra Reading Activities

Reading support during closure

During school closure it is important to carry on reading! We want you to read as much as you can whether it is a real book, online or an audio. Remember reading helps you in every aspect of your learning but more importantly reading for pleasure is about enjoyment. A good book will take you to the most magical places!

Below are some links to help you find the perfect book. I will be posting regular links to quizzes and activities. Don’t forget to look out for these on our school website!

Stay safe and happy reading!

Miss Geeleher

Free books – while schools are closed access to these books whether online or audio are FREE!!

Mrs P’s Magic library

David walliams is releasing free audio books every day to listen too during school closures

As a member of Sheffield libraries use your library card to virtually loan books!

£20k boost to eLibrary content for Sheffield Libraries

Chargeable Websites

These websites are offering a free trial but then you will be charged a fee to use. Remember to cancel so you don’t get charged!

Epic read – Free 30 day trial (then chargeable)

Audio books by amazon – Free 30 day trial (then chargeable)



All POWer Projects






PE with Joe Wicks




Learn to draw with Sheffield born artist Pete McKee

Lesson 2 – Animals

Work Packs and Home Learning during COVID – 19 Closure

Please ensure that you email your teacher and let them know that you have completed your learning and whether you need more or need support with an activity. Email addresses are found underneath each year group.

These packs and activities are for you to complete during the school closures. If you have any issues or need extra work or support please email your year group email – a member of staff from that year group will respond as soon as possible.

In order to keep the website running smoothly  – All previous learning has been moved to your child’s class page. Each child’s class page is located in the class pages section of the school website. Please check out some of the updated photographs. If you have any issues please contact your child’s year group email and address it to Mr Dinnigan.

Thank you

Team Hucklow



How to send emails using gmail.:


*NEW Sheffield City Council Information*

Create Sheffield Press Release 2020 (1)

Healthy Minds #BeatTheBoredomSheff Guidance for Parents and Carers (1)

Healthy Minds #BeatTheBoredomSheff Planner (1)

*NEW Phonics Information*

At Hucklow Primary School we teach phonics following the Letters and Sounds scheme. I am delighted to let you know that there will be daily phonics sessions for Foundation Stage, Year One and catch up sessions for older children.  Click on the link to join in with daily Letters and Sounds phonics sessions! Remember phonics is essential for helping younger children learn to read and spell.

10.00am Foundation Stage

10.30am Y1

11.00am Learning to blend – catch up session

For more information please read the attached letter from the DFE.

Letter to parents letters and sounds lessons

Cooking and Baking

Do you enjoy cooking and baking? Try out some of these tasty recipes and share them with your teachers on your class emails.

Virtual School Baking book



Email contact:

FS1 Week 14

FS1 Week 15

Fs1 Week 16

Foundation Stage 2

Email contact:

F2 Week 14

F2 week 15-20200629T095450Z-001

F2 Week 16


Year 1

Email contact:

Y1 Week 14

Y1 Week 15

Y1 Week 16

Year 2

Email contact:

Y2 Week 14

Y2 Week 15

Y2 Week 16

Year 3

Email contact:

Year 3 Week 11

Year 3 Week 12

Year 3 Week 15



Year 4

Email contact:

Y4 – Week 14


Year 5

Email contact:

Can you draw a giraffe? Follow this online tutorial and pause it while you sketch along with the artist. Please email your artwork to


Year 6 

The year 6 team have posted a special message for you on our class pages. Take a look! 

Email contact:

Year 6 Week 12

Year 6 Week 13

Year 6 Week 15

Year 6 Week 16

Healthy Minds Y6 Transition Booklet 2020[1]


Other actvities

Looking for our other activities, interesting ideas and extra maths and reading activities – don’t worry they haven’t been deleted just moved to save room on our homepage you will find them by clicking on the link to our Kids Zone page below:

(New ideas will appear here for one week and then move to the Kids Zone)



Spanish KS2 home learning – online interactive quizzes (noughts and crosses, crosswords, match up, memory and multiple choice) for each year group. There is a link to a song that you can learn and practise for each topic. Watch out for more quizzes on different topics each week.
Extra Learning
  • Click on link to access Miss Kachra’s virtual Spanish classroom. There are more links to click on this week.
  • When you are in the classroom, if you click on the different pictures, it will take you to stories, songs and videos. You can click on the map, on the computer screen, the books and so on
  • Have fun!
Re-cap for all – what can you remember?

SEND Resources

Email contact:

Looking for our SEND resources – don’t worry they haven’t been deleted just moved to save room on our homepage you will find them by clicking on the link to our SEND page on our website:

(New resources will appear here for one week before being moved to the SEND page on the website)

Transition back to school social story F2 and Y1

Transition back to school social story Y6

Transition back to school social story Key Workers Younger Children

Transition back to school social story Key Workers Older Children