On Wednesday 27th November 32 ambitious Year 6 pupils went on their own epic adventure to Thornbridge in Derbyshire.

The adventure began with a with a walk on the Monsal Trail. The children then split into their 3 groups with each group taking part in a different activity – The Thornbridge challenge, The Low Ropes and The Sky Ropes. Each activity meant that there were some fears (crawling through small spaces and climbing an 8m high pole just to get to the sky ropes) to be faced by ALL pupils.

Each pupil faced these challenges head on and many managed to brave the cold in order to take part in the activities.

Evenings were just as action packed as the daytime with children taking part in the nightline activity – a walk in the woods with just a pair of googles and a rope to guide them in the pitch black – many children conquered their fear of the dark with one pupil in particular overcoming her fears so much she even went through the cold and muddy tunnels! The climbing wall was another hugely popular activity with this being the highlight for many pupils. They took part in a mixture of climbing games that involved them listening to instructions and having to find a specific spot on the wall and hold their pose for 5 seconds, climbing over and under barriers that were put into place and challenging themselves to make it all the way around without falling off.

Meal times were greeted with lots of empty plates and we even had volunteers to wash the pots – take note parents!

Well done Year 6! You definitely achieved your I’m a Year 6 Get Me Out Of Here! – Thornbridge Challenge 2019!