This blog will show you how you can turn a boring old egg box into lots of different animals! In this blog we will look at making mice, a lion and pig all out of the same egg box!

What you will need:

  • An egg box

  • Pink, brown, yellow and white paint (acrylic is best but whatever you have will do just fine!)

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Pink, brown and yellow card

  • Black pen, white pen

First you will need your egg box!

Next you need to cut out each of the “egg cups” in the box. You will probably manage to only get the 4 outside ones as the 2 in the middle will be too small. If your have a bigger box then you’ll have more egg cups and more animals to make! You might need an adult to help you cut these out.

Once you have cut out your “egg cups” you will need to trim around the edges to make them nice and neat, this will also help them look more like faces.

Once you have trimmed all your “egg cups” they should look like the ones below.

Now it’s time to start painting them! I am painting two dark brown for the mice, one pink for the pig and a browny-yellow one for the lion.

                       Lion                                 Pig                                     Mice

Now it’s time to start adding the extras for your animals, we’ll start with the mice. You will need to cut out some ears for the mice, make sure they have a tab at the bottom so that they can be attached.

Once you’ve cut out your ears for your mice, paint them dark brown to match the egg cups and then paint the inside pink, to show the inside of the ears, just like below.

Now you can decorate the mouse faces, paint the small circle on the bottom of your egg cup pink, for the nose and add your eyes using the white pen for the outside and black pen for the pupils and finally add some whiskers with your white pen.

Now you can attach the ears by putting the glue onto the tabs and then attached them to the top of the egg cup, it should look like this below:

For the lion you now need to cut out your lion’s mane using the yellow card. If you use the egg cup to draw around so that it fits properly and add some tabs so that you will be able to attach it.

Now you can add the details to the face just like you did for the mouse. I painted the nose brown instead of pink. Once you’ve added the detail you can attach the lion’s mane, it should look like this:

For the pig you need to cut out pig ears using your pink card, you can can copy the shape I made (don’t forget the tab to attach it!). Once you’ve cut out the ears you can add the detail for the face, use your black pen to colour in the nostrils on the snout and white and black pen for the eyes like below:

Now you can attach your ears! Add the glue to the tab parts and use these to attach them to the egg cup.

Well done, you did it! Now you have your own collection of animals to show off and I bet you can even think of lots of other animals you can make out of these old egg boxes!