The Year 6 children were treated to a Fossil-ating experience when Executive Headteacher, Mrs Bridges, gave them a talk all about fossils as part of their new curriculum topic ‘Where did it all begin?’.

Mrs Bridges talked to the children about how fossils are made, how and where to find them and the importance their findings have had on research over many years.

The children’s entusiasm of the topic shone through when Mrs Bridges showed the children a fossil that she had found on a beach in Whitby, Saltwick Knab, whilst on holiday. Mrs Bridges explained to the children that whilst she and her son were searching for fossils, another man on the beach found a fossil the size of a dinner plate. This exciting revelation sent the children into a shocked state, especially after revealing that some of these fossils can be sold for between £500 and £700.

Back in the classroom, all the Year 6 children were given the opportunity to look closely at Mrs Bridges fossil find.