Foundation 2LS

Welcome to Foundation Stage 2 – F2LS


The children have settled into their new class really well, they are enjoying staying for lunch and trying new foods. The children are showing lots of enthusiasm and engagement towards their new topic ‘Who lives in a house like this?’ They will become actors to retell the Gingerbread Man and Goldilocks and the Three Bears and we can’t wait to see some fantastic house designs for The Three Little Pigs.


Find out more by looking at our displays and learning books during Fairy Tales Day.


In maths, we will be focusing on the key number skills to count, order and explore using numbers. The children are enjoying using the different number and shape resources indoors and outdoors to develop their love for maths!


The children are beginning to take home their reading books, Thank you for supporting your children at home by regularly reading and practising keywords every day.

F2 Reminders

  • Every child to have their P.E. kits in school – white t-shirt, black shorts/ leggings and black pumps. Our PE day is Tuesday
  • All book bags to be brought to school every day. Please change your child’s book using the coloured book boxes every morning. A gentle reminder to bring books back into school before taking a new book home.
  • Homework menus go out on Friday every 2 weeks. We encourage all children to have a go doing at least one activity on the homework menu.
  • Parent Consultation will take place at the end of October, this will be a great opportunity to look at your child’s current learning.

Celebrating Success at Hucklow

Some amazing learning from our Foundation Stage children. They have made the Foundation team incredibly proud. Well done guys!



Ayyub enjoyed making a rock monster!

Aminah created her own fruit salad for Handa. She has wrote a list of fruit she has used!

Maya the unicorn has been getting crafty! Maya the unicorn has also been busy making some Easter crafts. Well done Maya!
Ayyub has been busy with his time at home! We like the way you are trying lots of different activities!
Kinan has been showing off his amazing writing skills whilst learning from home. Well done Kinan!
Aizah has been working hard on her art skills whilst at home. Well done Aizah we love your drrawings!
Alayna described her fruit salad. Fantastic describing words Alayna! Alayna has been writing diary entrees with her time off. Fantastic idea Alayna!
Saleh is working so hard to practise his reading and writing! Well done! 
Farhan has wrote a fruit salad list. He is making his Mum and Miss Senior feel very proud of his fantastic writing! 
Idris has been enjoying the weather and helping out in the garden! He is doing an amazing job at practising his writing and is now on set 23 of his spellings. WOW!
Kaid has been writing labels using things he has found in the house, completing measuring activities and designing his own Easter egg. Super sentences Kaid! 
Deja has been showing off her exercise routine! Well done Deja! 

Aminah has been working on the hungry caterpillar. She watched the story then designed her own front page  and drew different size of circles.she counted the  circles and numbered them. She has been practising words search and aswell.

Leanne and her brother Malik enjoyed baking cakes together. Great teamwork guys! Well done!

Jalahni has been trying hard with his handwriting! Well done Jalahni!

Shola and Jalhani have  both been working hard with their writing. Well done to both of you!

Aminah has been doing some super learning at home. Look at that incredible Hut she has made for Handa who lives in the Savanna!

Saleh has persevered with his home learning and has solved the maths problems. Great Work! 

Farhan has been using letter cards to create words and write them in his learning book, well done!

Halimah has done a fantastic job of being an artist this week. Wow, we love your artwork!

Idris has been practising his spellings and recording ‘ai’ words from this week’s phonics lesson

Amelia has been practising her numbers and following a recipe to bake a cake, it looks yummy Amelia!

Kaid has been busy making a fruit salad. Well done Kaid!

Mustafa has been enjoying make new friends at Beck and practising his maths learning at home. Well done! 

Dawud, Ayyub and thier little brother have created a music band!

Kinan has been showing fantastic learning efforts at home!

Kinan, the Foundation teachers and your dad are very proud of your learning!

Maya has been busy doing her home learning. A yummy fruit salad and good chopping skills Maya! Well done!

We love that Idris has dressed up as the story character from ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. Fantastic learning at home.

Saleh has been solving maths problems this week. I am so impressed with your number writing Saleh!

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