As part of their current topic of learning in Year 2,‘What makes an ideal home?’, the children will be learning lots of scientific knowledge, skills and understanding throughout the term and children will learn about different habitats, plants and animals, life cycles and living processes.

One of these expeiences is already in hand and as a school we’re very excited that the Year 2 children to be looking after some baby chicks.  This will enable children to learn about the basic needs of animals and introducing them to different life cycles.

The eggs arrived at Hucklow on Wednesday 16th January and by Friday we had 5 chicks, 4 male chicks and 1 female chick. The children were quick to explain that they knew that they had four males and one female due to the colour of the chicks feathers. If a chick had yellow feathers it was a male and if it had orange feathers, it was a female.



The chicks spent have spent the weekend in the care of Year 2 class teacher Miss MacPherson, an experience she will never forget!!

Chick-Up Time

Almost a week has gone by since the chicks hatched and it is safe to say they are doing extremely well in the hands of Mrs Keown, Mrs Hague and Miss MacPherson. The children in Year 2 have managed to have a hold of the chicks and have taken good care of them giving them food and water every day.