Our School Clubs


At our school we intend to see your child’s time here is full of enjoyable, worthwhile and exciting educational experiences.

The aims of our school are clearly laid out in the school prospectus. They were drawn up by staff and school governors and encapsulate what we believe to be the fundamental cornerstones of excellent practice in primary education.


All of our after school clubs run from Monday to Thursday running from 3pm until 4pm.

Our current clubs are:


Y5/6 Boys Football run by Mr Hardwick

Y3/4/5 Jewellery Making run by Mrs Hussain – Ahmed


Y4/5/6 Cricket Club run by Mr Hussain


Y2/3 Board Games Club run by Mr Hardwick


Y5/6 Sewing Club run by Mrs Saeed

F2/Y1/Y2 Ballet Club run by Mrs Goffin and Mrs Frith