Celebrating Success at Hucklow

Whilst school is closed we will be using our celebrating success at Hucklow page to showcase your learning at home. The staff at Hucklow are incredibly proud of you all and what you are currently achieving away from school. Remember if you need to contact us please use the year group emails.


Thank You!


Nursery Learning



Foundation Stage 2 Learning


Year 1 Learning

Serhad, Aiza and Kiran have all been busy showing off their amazing year 1 learning. Well done guys!


 Riley has produced some incredible art work. Well done Riley!

Year 2 Learning


Year 3 Learning


Year 4 Learning

Take a look at the learning completed by Dylan, Aminah and ashaz this week. They have worked incredibly hard and produced some wonderful pieces of learning.


Year 5 Learning


Year 6 Learning