Celebrating Success at Hucklow

Take a look at our Core Value Champions for this week:

Muntadher Gehad


Muntadher has come back to school with such a positive attitude. He is trying his best to concentrate throughout all lessons, even if he is finding his work difficult. Keep this up Muntadher!


Kevin Horvath


Kevin has returned to school with a positive mindset. He has pushed himself in all that he does and shown great self-belief. Keep up the good work Kevin!


Tawonga Mgawadere


Tawonga has been showing excellent self-belief all week, in her maths especially, but also in her art where she keeps trying even when things are tricky.


Jack Hodgkinson 


Jack has shown a lot of self-belief this week during arts week! He has produced an outstanding piece of ‘Pop Art’ that will be displayed in our showcase! Well done on your brilliant piece of art 


Mahir Khan


Mahir has shown incredible self-belief this week with all of his work in lessons. Yesterday, we were learning about Greek gods and we had to create a ‘modern god’. Mahir’s independent piece stood out to me!

Well done!


Malik Abdurub


Malik is someone who is a consistently positive. He is curious, enjoys learning and displays great self-belief in the classroom. Malik is also a great friend who has a positive mind-set on the playground. Well done Malik – you are awesome! 

Christabell Igbinovia

Arts week has really allowed Christabell to shine this week and show the self-belief she has in her abilities. Her amazing drawings and painting could have been done by the real Andy Warhol! 


Deena Boukadida


Deena has made fantastic progress in Y5 with her self-belief. She keeps going when things get tricky and she works hard to complete any challenge. Well done, Deena!


Carter Hewitt

Carter has shown great self – belief this week. He has improved in finding solutions for himself in learning and outside on the playground. 

Well Done!


Sufyaan Mohammed

Sufyaan has shown great self – belief, kindness and determination to succeed throughout the week. He has been a great role model to others and enjoyed the feedback he has received. 

Well Done!


Ludovit Miziga Y3

Blue Group FM/AS/UH

Ludovit has worked really hard in literacy this week. We have been looking at the book The Tiger Who Came To Tea and talking about how the characters would feel if a tiger turned up at their door! Ludovit did fantastic acting when he pretended to be our tiger. Well done Ludovit. Keep up the amazing work!