Celebrating Success at Hucklow

Whilst school is closed we will be using our celebrating success at Hucklow page to showcase your learning at home. The staff at Hucklow are incredibly proud of you all and what you are currently achieving away from school. Remember if you need to contact us please use the year group emails.


Thank You!


Nursery Learning

Armaan has been working really hard at home with his words, what fantastic spelling you have done and those Gingerbread men look yummy.

Manha has been enjoying colouring in her colouring book

Nimita has been working hard with her numbers whilst also making sure she stays fit.

Hussain continues to work hard with his numbers and writing

Sami has been working hard with his name writing, what a creative way to write your name using lentils.

Sami has also been learning about the parts of a flower and has created this collage using flowers from his garden.  Well Done Sami

Home Learning-

Sami has been working really hard at home exploring different materials in his arts and crafts to make farm animal pictures

Nimita thought about Mabel’s Magical Garden and picked her own flowers to make a garden. She also used collage to make an flower- thinking carefully about the different parts.
Hussian has been working hard at home practicing recognizing letters and saying the phonics sounds.
Bubble Learning

— The children have been working hard learning about our new routines and rules to keep safe in Nursery while having lots of fun exploring rainbows, colours, and shapes.

Foundation Stage 2 Learning

Kashan and Jalahni have been collecting leaves around their garden, have a go at finding and sorting leaves in your garden too!

Maya has been showing off her Tiger Who Came to Tea learning. That cake looks delicious Maya.

Idris did some walking in the Peak District over half term. Looks amazing Idris. Well done!

Leanne has been busy helping in the garden and making a fruit salad. Well done Leanne, it looks yummy!

Alayna has been working hard at home on her shapes and patterns. Well done Alayna.

Fatimah has been busy exploring the countryside and learning all about Julia Donaldosn’s Snail and the Whale. Well done Fatimah!

Ayyub has been showing lovely teamwork at home with his brothers


Leanne has been practising her phonics and number work.

Year 1 Learning

Ali has been making the year 1 team smile with his amazing learning. Well done Ali!

Rania would like to wish Miss Bashir Eid Mubarak and say hello to her friends!


Ali has been trying incredibly hard with his home learning. Well done Ali!

Kiran and Irrum have been busy doing their home learning packs. Well done girls!

Rania has been busy making pizza. They look delicious Rania!

Year 2 Learning

Simrah has been showing off her ice cube tricks. This is amazing Simra!

Kashan has made a picture using items he’s found in his garden. Well done Kashan!

Marilyn, Ella, Qasim, Amina and Nagla have all been working hard. Well done guys!

Simrah, Qasim, Dawud and Marilyn have been working hard on their Year 2 learning whilst at home. Well done guys!

Durre and her sister have been busy making pizza. They look delicious Durre. Well done!

Nagla has been busy exploring during lockdown. Looks like you’ve had some great adventures Nagla.

Year 3 Learning

Some amazing learning from Aliyah and Miraj. Well done guys you have done some super learning.

Jamaal and Aleena have been working hard on their Year 3 learning. Amazing to see. Well done guys!

Year 4 Learning

These are what we have made with our Hama beads 😊

Mia, Ava & Emmy


Elizabeth has been working hard at hime. Well done Elizabeth.

Emilie has tried well with her home learning. Well done Emilie!

Zainab has been busy with her siblings at home. Well done Zainab!

Emilie has been working hard on her maths. Well done Emilie!

Year 5 Learning

Laiba had a go at Mrs Collin’s art challenge. This is amazing Laiba. Well done!
Here is another amazing piece of art from Ronayi. She has had a go at this week’s art challenge. Well done! You’ve worked hard on this. Fantastic work!
Check out Reyah’s amazing artwork! She’s had a go at this week’s art challenge. It’s fantastic. Well done Reyah!
Here’s Falah’s super drawing. Great effort, Falah, this is excellent work! Keep on aiming high with our weekly challenges. 
‘A drawing of George Floyd for when he died by a police officer just because of his skin colour in USA. I drew it yesterday afternoon and it took very long to do!’
Ashaz has had a great week doing home learning, enjoying a bbq with family and meeting up with Sacha for a bike ride.
Deena has been showing off her amazing art skills. Well done Deena!
Salina has been working hard on her maths learning. Well done Salina!
Falah has been showing off her baking and science skills. Well done Falah!

Laiba showed off her excellent writing skills. Well done Laiba!

Check out Saher’s amazing marble run! Well done for having a go at this week’s creative challenge. Here is Saher’s amazing drawing of an owl. Well done for completing this week’s art challenge!

Reema has been working hard at home. Well done Reema!

Malaika has been busy making bath bombs! These look amazing. Well done Malaika!


Falah has been enjoying the sunshine. Good catching skills Falah!

Falah took up the pizza making challenge. These look yummy Falah!

Sacha has been busy practising his cooking skills making tacos and flapjack. He has shared his flapjack recipe with us too! Well done Sacha!

Easy flapjack recipe:
250g oats
125g sugar (brown if possible)
125g melted butter
2- 3 tablespoons Golden syrup

Mix it all together and then put in a baking tin, press it down with back of spoon.
Bake for 15 mins until starts to go brown.
Try to cool before eating!!

Malaika has been helping me paint the fence panels and she has also been planting in her own plant pot.

Ismail has been showcasing some brilliant home learning. Well done Ismail!

Malaika has been busy making pizza! This looks amazing!

Saher has been busy learning to make rice. It looks delicious Saher!

Year 6 Learning

Essan has been helping out in the garden, planting flowers and going walking in the Peak District.

Tehillah has drawn a lovely piece of artwork. Well done Tehillah!


Durre has been working hard on her home learning. Well done Durre!


Durre has also been hard at work in her garden:

‘I have been gardening a lot lately and a few of my plants have been growing a lot. I am growing a sunflower and when I saw how big it got i was so happy. I really want to grow things me and my mum can use in our cooking like parsley, coriander, spinach and other things. Now i am growing mint, poppy seeds and other things my mum uses in cooking.’
Lucy has been working hard during lockdown on some brilliant projects. Well done Lucy!
‘Hi some of my projects over the last could of weeks have been, doing a volcano, making lava, baking a cake, making a parachute and it works, making an ice cream Sunday, helped Jack build Stonehenge. my photo of my fairy garden as well. We have had lots of woodland adventure walks. We found a den and lots of painted rocks that we re-hid for others to find. Lucy’
Sa-I-Rah has been working hard on her home learning pack. Well done Sa-I-Rah!
Durre has continued with her brilliant gardening skills and has written a quarantine rap. She has also shown care for her pet whilst at home. Well done Durre, the year 6 team are proud of you!
Durre has added to her ever growing list of home learning skills with the addition of these lovely pizzas! Well done Durre!