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Hucklow Primary School
Hucklow Road
S5 6TB

Tel: 0114 2426736
Fax: 0114 2610154


Jayne Wall
Business  Manager
Tel: 0114 2426736
Fax: 0114 2610154
Sharon Buttery - Attendance Officer
Tel: 0114 2426736
Fax: 0114 2610154
Jane Irwin
Inclusion Manager
Tel: 0114 2426736
Fax: 0114 2610154

Executive Headteacher: Mr P Hardwick

Head of School: Mrs A Lucey

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs S Bywater

Chair of Governors: Mr R Peterkin

Contact Us: 0114 2426736



Dear Parent / Carer


Welcome to Hucklow Primary School. We look forward to you and your child joining our school community.


At our school we intend to see your child’s time here is full of enjoyable, worthwhile and exciting educational experiences.


The aims of our school are clearly laid out in the school prospectus. They were drawn up by staff and school governors and encapsulate what we believe to be the fundamental cornerstones of excellent practice in primary education.


At Hucklow we promote our core values of teamwork, independence, self belief, respect, care and we all aim high.


We have an excellent staff, combining experience and commitment, which is both hard working and friendly. A strong community atmosphere exists in our school and we are keen to maintain and extend links with all members of the community. Parents and carers are always welcome in school, on visits and helping in the classroom. Regular, open communication with parents and carers is encouraged so that children can see how much their parents value education.


By treating every one of our children as an individual we will demand the highest standards that they can possibly achieve. Those children with additional learning requirements will receive appropriate attention and guidance. Every child will be given an equal opportunity to succeed at his or her own level and we will build upon this success to ensure that each child develops a positive self-image.


The primary years are a time of natural enthusiasm and curiosity and we aim to channel this energy into the development of the skills necessary for a happy and successful life.


We look forward to our association with your family and trust that we can work together to create the environment for learning best suited to your child.


Yours faithfully,


Mr P Hardwick

Executive Headteacher, Hucklow Primary School

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Pupils behave well around the school. They feel safe and are well cared for.





Free School Meal Application forms can be completed online with your National Insurance Number. Click here


For further information please speak to Mrs J Dyson.


School Term Dates 2015 - 2016

Hucklow Primary School Dinner Menu


*Please note the following changes to Tuesday’s blue band option on the lunch menu

  • Week one - Fish finger wrap with rice
  • Week two - Halal lamb pitta and pasta
  • Week three - Halal chicken and rice



4th April 2016

Return to school

WC; 25th April 2016

Attendance Week

Monday 2nd May 2016

May Day Bank Holiday (No School)

WC: 9th May 2016

Y6 SATs Week

(No holidays to be taken at this time)

WC: 16th May 2016


(No holidays to be taken at this time)

27th May 2016

Break up for half term

This is a GOOD school.

Pupils have positive attitudes to learning. They work hard, enjoy learning and want to do well.